A Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a widely accepted healthcare model of how primary care is delivered.

To become a PCMH designated practice, primary care physicians lead a professional healthcare team that utilizes health information technology and administrative processes to deliver more coordinated, efficient, and effective medicine to their patient population. PCPs are responsible for encouraging their patients to take a more active role in maintaining and improving their own health; monitoring their patients’ overall health and wellness; developing individualized health goals; and coordinating their patients’ prescriptions, tests and therapies to ensure their healthcare needs are being met.

Under the PCMH model, the patient is expected to take a proactive role in their healthcare by doing things like controlling their weight, eating right, exercising and avoiding smoking.

In 2023, 131 UP practices, representing 295 primary care physicians, earned the PCMH designation. The designation period runs from September 1, 2022 through August 31, 2023.

Specialty/subspecialty offices are encouraged to collaborate with PCMH practices to facilitate care coordination as a PCMH-Neighbor (PCMH-N). To find out more about this program or to discuss if your practice is ready to become PCMH designated, contact UP’S Client Services at 248-593-0100 or clientservices@updoctors.com.

“Our physicians are dedicated to enhancing the overall health of our patient population and devoted to delivering high-quality, coordinated patient care through proactive patient engagement and peer-to-peer care collaboration. Earning and maintaining a PCMH designation is a major accomplishment that demonstrates our commitment to reducing healthcare costs and preparing our practices for value-based care and the future of healthcare.” – Michael Williams, MD, President and CEO, United Physicians