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United Physicians Lobby PhotosBOARD OF DIRECTORS

2019 Board of Directors:

United Physicians is governed by a board of directors comprising a diverse representation of physicians from primary and specialty care disciplines.
Various committees carry out the directives of the board.

Jack Artinian, MD

David Calton, MD

John Copeland, MD

Tusar Desai, MD

Seth Forman, MD

Anil Goel, MD

Lige Kaplan, MD

Mark Karadsheh, MD

Rhonda Kobold, DO

Andrew Madak, DO

Michael Maddens, MD

Vik Mali, MD

Steve C. McClelland, MD

Martin McGough, MD (Chair)

Jennifer Prohow, DO

David Scapini, MD

Catherine Stark, MD

Charles Stroud, MD

Joseph Stutz, MD

Ted Tangalos, MD

Kurt Tech, MD