Generic Drug Information

Generic drugs are your solution to saving money and staying healthy.   Generic drugs are brand-name drugs with different names.  They contain the same active ingredients and share the same performance characteristics and intended use guidelines.  The only difference between generic drugs and brand-name drugs is price.  Generics are usually much less expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions about Generic Drugs

Q:  What is a generic drug?
A:  A generic drug is a medicine that is identical in active ingredients to the brand-name version of the drug.  They are made after the brand-name drug’s patent has expired and usually cost much less.

Q:  Is a generic drug as safe and effective as the brand-name drug?
A:  The FDA strictly regulates the manufacturing process of all drugs.  Generic drugs go through the same rigorous review process that brand-name drugs go through prior to being approved for use.  The FDA continues to monitor and inspect the manufacturing and quality of generics after they have been approved.

Q:  Why is a generic drug less expensive than the brand-name drug if the ingredients are the same?
A:  Drug patents give the pharmaceutical company that developed the brand-name drug exclusive rights to sell the drug.  Once the patent expires, other pharmaceutical companies can manufacture and sell the generic version that increases competition and availability which leads to lower prices.

Q:  Why do generics look different than brand-name drugs?
A:  They look different because the law does not allow a generic to look exactly like the brand-name drug or other drugs.  Inactive ingredients such as colors and flavorings may be used to make the generic look different.  These ingredients do not affect the performance, safety or effectiveness of the generic drug.

Q:  Does the same company that makes the brand-name drug make the generic version?
A:  It is possible.  Brand-name firms are responsible for manufacturing approximately 50% of generic drugs.

Q:  Can I feel confident about taking generic drugs?
A:  Absolutely.

Ask your doctor and start saving money on the cost of your prescriptions with generic drugs today.
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