There has never been a better time to free yourself from prescription related interruptions and prepare your practice for the future of healthcare. Electronic Prescribing is designed so physicians can run a safer, more efficient practice by providing more information at the point-of-care, eliminating the prescription pad, preventing adverse drug interactions and allergies, reducing operational costs and malpractice premiums. e-Prescribing also increases patient convenience, satisfaction, and safety.

Enjoy the benefits of e-prescribing:

Point-of-Care Information - Real-time access to member specific information regarding insurance plan eligibility, health plan formularies and patient prescription history.

Real-Time Clinical Resources - Instant alerts to patient drug allergies, drug interactions, and therapeutic duplications.

Quickly Create Prescriptions - Quickly renew prescriptions with the click of a button or write new prescriptions with assistance from your custom Favorites List.

Send prescriptions directly to the patient's pharmacy of choice - Increase patient satisfaction by reducing wait time as most prescriptions are ready when the patient arrives at the pharmacy. It will also reduce mail order paperwork.

Seamless Integration - Increase practice productivity and improve documentation by integrating e-Prescribing with your current practice management software and patient demographic data.

Increase Generic Use Rate - Display the generic equivilant when available. Selecting generics will result in financial rewards.

Benefits to doctors:

  • Significant reduction in pharmacy and prescription-related patient calls
  • Earn financial awards by using generic drugs
  • Dramatically reduce prescribing errors that can result in a reaction, illness, hospitalization or even death
  • Eliminate illegibility errors of handwritten prescriptions
  • Meet tamper-resistant requirements and avoid paper and pad costs
  • Increased fee schedules from plans for adoption of innovative e-prescribing technology
  • Discounts on malpractice insurance

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