Diagnostic information is an essential component of healthcare and its powerful data is vital in identifying and managing patient conditions.  With laboratory services being a major part of your practice, AT&T Healthcare Community Online will assist you in managing your lab-related information by expanding your lab options and processes.

Our lab interface is a convenient, flexible, web-based solution capable of enhancing patient care. Physicians and their staff can access, order, track and receive lab information, results and reports online. Providers are also able to integrate patient demographics and manage patients who need diagnostic testing.

e-Lab Features:

Online Lab Orders – Place lab orders from any location with an Internet connection in real-time. Even if a patient is on-location at the lab, the order can be sent, received and processed immediately. This allows you to consolidate and streamline lab operations from your own equipment, eliminating the need for dedicated systems and excess hardware in your office.

Instant Online Results – Securely access and view lab results online the moment they are available. You no longer need to wait for faxed reports, phone calls or couriers.

Electronically Edit Lab Orders – Ability to edit, change or cancel lab orders online. This reduces staff time and yours placing calls to the lab.

Favorites List – Create and customize a list of your frequently ordered tests so that you can quickly order them.

Advanced Reporting – The reporting component assists physicians in tracking and trending patient lab results. Easy to follow graphs and charts allow you to quickly review and identify patient statistics, helping you make vital decisions in their care.

Demographic Integration – Patient demographics are automatically integrated into you lab orders from My WorkspaceSM, eliminating redundancy in data entry and reducing the risk of errors saving time and increasing office efficiences.

Single Sign-On Interface – Access multiple labs from one location.

Benefits to doctors:

  • Securely access and view labs and results online
  • Reduce paperwork and errors
  • Prevent duplicate testing
  • Eliminating the need to re-write lost orders

For more information, contact our Promotions at (248) 593-0202 (Option 2) or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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