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Physician communication in the healthcare community is essential to improving the quality of patient care. AT&T Healthcare Community Online gives physicians the ability to collaborate with other physicians and healthcare entities by enabling them to safely and securely share patient records, labs and other related healthcare information in a secure, HIPAA compliant online environment. Document Manager lets providers send, receive and electronically store any paper or electronic documentation. All of these capabilities are available through an Internet connection, letting you use your existing office equipment.

Document Manager Features:

Virtual Patient Charts - Build and manage folders to organize patient documents and data

Custom e-Forms - Design forms to increase flexibility and streamline communications

Assign Accessibility - Control administrative rights for every file and folder

Distribution Lists - Create and control messaging to both online and offline audiences

Efficiently Manage Records - Any electronic or handwritten document can be securely uploaded and placed in patient records

Document Manager Features:

  • Safely send any document within the healthcare community to anyone with a fax machine
  • Create custom documents, forms, and folders to assist in the management of patient records and information
  • Streamlines all of your communications by tracking messages you send and receive
  • Accessible from any location worldwide with an Internet connection
  • No special hardware of software required
  • Safeguard patient data and maintain HIPAA compliance

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